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About Us

The vision for Life More Simple started over 20 years ago when I left my native Quebec and adventured to Hawaii searching for happiness, simplicity, and deeper purpose in life. There, I lived on an organic farm where I learned to bake, cook, sew, garden, and meditate. What began with bringing a basket of cookies to sell at a local farmer’s


Back To Basics

I’m obsessed with old traditions—knitting, canning, baking, and sewing. There’s also a frugalness in Quebec that I’m striving to adopt. I love up-cycling, zero-waste, gardening, and anything that reminds me to appreciate the many blessings in my life.

Family & Faith

Growing up in Quebec, family and faith were central. Visitors were always expected and welcomed—a bottomless pot of soup always simmered on the stove. Holidays brought gifts of knitted wool socks and the smell of freshly baked breads.

My Inspiration

My creations all have special meaning to me. They remind me of someone in my life, past or present. They remind me to treasure what I love, and let go of things that weigh me down.


I believe in kindness. I believe in giving back, taking the time to listen, and helping others appreciate the simple joys of life. As my Mamère instilled in me, it is when we truly care about others that we will find real happiness.

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