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Facemask Make & Give Campaign

In this battle for the well-being of our country, some unlikely heroes have come forward. At Life More Simple, we wish to thank our dedicated team of volunteer seamstresses who’ve made it so we can donate hundreds of cloth facemasks to local hospitals, clinics and care homes though our Facemask Make & Give Campaign.


How You Can Help

Sew - We need seamstresses in the Outaouais region to help sew masks.
Deliveries - We need people to help deliver materials to our seamstresses, collect finished masks, and mail or deliver masks to those who need them.
Reach Out - Contact places that might need masks.

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After receiving an urgent request for masks from a local healthcare professional, LIFE MORE SIMPLE developed our washable and reusable cloth facemasks based on a pattern recommended by several North American hospital organizations. Our unique design allows for a tighter seal around the face compared to looser fitting surgical style masks.

Care Instructions

Wash the mask and filter before first use and after each use. Wash or sanitize hands before putting on mask and after removing it. Change mask if it becomes damp or breathing resistance becomes excessive. Do not crease the metal noseband. Machine wash in hot water and machine dry daily after use. Store in a clean, dry place. 




Filter Options

Each our masks comes with a felt filter that is washable, reusable, and breathable, while providing an added layer of protection.

There are many other materials you can use as a filter, which is why we have featured a pocket in the mask.

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Other resources:

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